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Auteur(s) : Barbin Evelyne. Dir. ; Kjeldsen Tinne Hoff. Dir. ; Jankvist Uffe Thomas. Dir.

Titre : History and Epistemology in Mathematics Education: Proceedings of the Seventh European Summer University. ESU 7. (Histoire et épistémologie dans l'éducation mathématique : Actes de la septième l'université d'été. ESU 7.)

Editeur : Aarhus University Copenhague, 2015, Danemark
Format : 17 cm x 23 cm, 848 p. Bibliogr. pag. mult.
ISBN : 87-7684-737-3 EAN : 9788776847371

Université d'été européenne sur l'histoire et épistémologie dans l'éducation mathématique Copenhague Danemark 2014

Type : actes de colloques, de congrès, conférence Langue : Anglais Support : papier

Public visé : chercheur, enseignant, formateur

Classification : A60Actes de Colloque, rapports et bilans D10Ouvrages généraux sur l'histoire et épistémologie des mathématiques, de l'informatique, et de leur enseignement. Ouvrages généraux sur la philosophie des mathématiques. Actes de Colloques, recueils d'articles. 

Résumé :

Actes de l'université d'été ESU 7 qui s'est déroulée à Copenhague du 14 au 18 Juillet 2014.

Sommaire :

Theme 1: Tools of history and epistemology, theoretical and/or conceptual frameworks for integrating history in mathematics education
- E. Barbin : Philosophies and theories behind history and education: thirty years after Hans Freudenthal Ressource en ligne
- M. Misfeldt (coordinator), M.S. Aguilar, M.W. Johansen, M. Maracci et P. Jönsson : Technics and technology in mathematics and mathematics education Ressource en ligne
- L. Rogers (coordinator), Y. Weiss-Pidstrygach, J.H. Barnett, D. Guillemette et F. Metin : The question of evaluation and assessment of experiences with introducing history of mathematics in the classroom Ressource en ligne
- E. Barbin: Curves in history and in teaching of mathematics: problems, meanings, classifications Ressource en ligne
- M.W. Johansen et T.H. Kjeldsen : Mathematics as a tool-driven practice: the use of material and conceptual artefacts in mathematics Ressource en ligne
- C. Kuhn et S. Lawrence : Personalised learning environment and the history of mathematics in the learning of mathematics Ressource en ligne
- S. Confalonieri et D. Kröger : Teaching the mathematical sciences in France and Germany during the 18th century: The case study of negative numbers Ressource en ligne
- M. Maschietto : Approaching conic sections with mathematical machines at secondary school Ressource en ligne
- L. Rogers : Tools and procedures for using historical materials in the classroom Ressource en ligne
- F.R. Vallhonesta, M.R.M. Esteve, I. G. Casanova, C. Puig-Pla et A. Roca-Rosell : Teacher training in the history of mathematics Ressource en ligne
- Y. Weiss-Pidstrygach : Historical mathematical models in teacher education - workshop on the development of questions and critical questioning Ressource en ligne
- Alain Bernard et K. Gosztonyi : Series of problems at the crossroad of research, pedagogy and teacher training Ressource en ligne
- A. Bernardes et T. Roque : Reflecting on meta-discursive rules through episodes from the history of matrices Ressource en ligne
- C. Costa, J.M. Alves et M. Guerra : Ancestral Chinese method for solving linear systems of equations seen by a ten years old Portuguese child Ressource en ligne
- M.N. Fried et H.N. Jahnke : A look at Otto Toeplitz's (1927) “The problems of university infinitesimal calculus courses and their demarcation from infinitesimal calculus in high schools” Ressource en ligne
- D. Guillemette : A conceptual and methodological framework anchored in sociocultural approaches in mathematics education for the investigation of dépaysement épistémologique Ressource en ligne
- R. Guitart : History in mathematics according to Andre Weil Ressource en ligne
- T. Hausberger : Training treacher students to use history and epistemological tools: theory and practice on the basis of experiments conducted at Montpellier University Ressource en ligne
- L. Kvasz : Degrees of inconsistency Ressource en ligne
- J. Lin : A theoretical framework of HPM Ressource en ligne
- A. Mutanen : Knowledge acquisition and mathematical reasoning Ressource en ligne
- L. Rogers : Historical epistemology: professional knowledge and proto-mathematics in early civilisations Ressource en ligne
- K. Schiffer : On the understanding of the concept of numbers in Euler's “Elements of Algebra” Ressource en ligne
- K. Volkert : The problem of the parallels at the 18th century: Kästner, Klügel and other people Ressource en ligne
- X. Wang : HPM in mainland China: an overview (Abstract) Ressource en ligne
- I. Witzke : Different understandings of mathematics: an epistemological approach to bridge the gap school and university mathematics Ressource en ligne
- K. Zavřel : Parallels between phylogeny and ontogeny of logic Ressource en ligne

Theme 2: Classroom experiments and teaching materials, considered from either the cognitive or/and affective points of view, surveys of curricula and textbooks
- A. Demattè : History in the classroom: educational opportunities and open questions Ressource en ligne
- G. Idabouk : Mathematics, algorithmics and history: an integrated approach in two classroom experiments Ressource en ligne
- J. van Maanen : ‘Telling mathematics' revisited Ressource en ligne
- W. de Graaf et M. Roelens : Workshop on the use and the mathematics of the astrolabe Ressource en ligne
- C. Vincentini : Playing with Euler Ressource en ligne
- R. Wilson : Two introductory university courses on the history of mathematics Ressource en ligne
- M.S. Aguilar et J.G.M. Zavaleta : The difference as an analysis tool of the change of geometric magnitudes: the case of the circle Ressource en ligne
- P. Delikanlis: Meno by Plato: an ancient inexhaustible mine of knowledge Ressource en ligne
- Y. Hong et X. Wang : Teaching the area of a circle from the perspective of HPM Ressource en ligne
- M. Kourkoulos et C. Tzanakis : Statistics and free will Ressource en ligne
- M. Misfeldt, K. Danielsen et H.K. Sorensen : Formal proof and exploratory experimentation: a Lakatosian view on the interplay between examples and deductive proof practices in upper-secondary school Ressource en ligne
- F. Tian : Integrating the history into the teaching of the concept of logarithms Ressource en ligne

Theme 3: Original sources in the classroom and their educational effects
- M. Alpaslan et C. Haser : Selecting and preparing original sources for pre-service mathematics teacher education in Turkey: the preliminary of a dissertation Ressource en ligne
- J.H. Barnett : Abstract awakenings in algebra: a guided reading approach to teaching modern algebra via original sources Ressource en ligne
- A. Boyé, M. Bühler et A. Michel-Pajus : Algorithms: an approach based on historical texts in the classroom Ressource en ligne
- R. Chorlay : Making (more) sense of the derivative by combining historical sources and ICT Ressource en ligne
- K. Danielsen et H.K. Sorensen : Using authentic sources in teaching logistic growth: a narrative design perspective Ressource en ligne
- A. Demattè : Yes, I do use history of mathematics in my class Ressource en ligne
- C. de Hosson : Using historical texts in an interdisciplinary perspective: two examples of the interrelation between mathematics and natural sciences Ressource en ligne
- F. Swetz : A cabinet of mathematical wonders: images and the history of mathematics Ressource en ligne
- B. Smestad : When HPM meets MKT - exploring the place of history of mathematics in the mathematical knowledge for teaching Ressource en ligne
- H. Allmendinger, G. Nickel et S. Spies : Original sources in teachers training: possible effects and experiences Ressource en ligne
- B. Toft : Games of Piet Hein & tribute to Martin Gardner Ressource en ligne
- M.Z.M.C. Soares, O.T.W. Paques, R.M. Machado et D. Daniel : Solving some Lamé's problems using geometric software Ressource en ligne

Theme 4: History and epistemology as tools for an interdisciplinary approach in the teaching and Learning of mathematics and the sciences
- C. de Hosson : Promoting an interdisciplinary teaching through the use of elements of Greek and Chinese early cosmologies Ressource en ligne
- F. Metin et P. Guyot : What can we learn from Jacques Rohault's lessons in mathematics and physics? Ressource en ligne
- X. Lefort : Some steps of location in open sea : History and mathematical aspects from Astrolabe to GPS Ressource en ligne
- C. Nahum : A strong collaboration between physicians and mathematicians through the XIXth century: double refraction theory Ressource en ligne
- K. Bjarnadottir : Calendars and currency - embedded in culture, nature, society and language Ressource en ligne
- K. Bjarnadóttir : The solar cycle and calendars, currency and numbers - relations to society and culture Ressource en ligne
- J.M. Delire : Mathematical activities in the classroom on the occasion of the exhibition “art et savoir de l'Inde” during the festival Europalia-India (Brussels, October 2013 -January 2014) Ressource en ligne
- M.-K. Siu : A geometric problem on three circles in a triangle (the Malfatti problem) - a thread through Japanese, European and Chinese mathematics Ressource en ligne
- H.J. Smid : A mathematical walk in “Museum Boerhaave” Ressource en ligne
- J. F. Kiernan : A course to address the issue of diversity Ressource en ligne
- A.V. Rohrer : The Teuto-Brazilians of Friburgo - mathematics textbooks and the use of (non-metric) measure systems Ressource en ligne

Theme 6: Topics in the history of mathematics education
- G. Schubring : New approaches and results in the history of teaching and learning mathematics Ressource en ligne
- T. Preveraud : Geometry, teaching, and publishing in the United States in the 19th century: A study of the adaptations of Legendre's geometry Ressource en ligne
- G. Schubring : Workshop on new approaches and results of research into the history of mathematics education Ressource en ligne
- M.C. Almeida : Mathematics textbooks in Portugal: the case of the first unique mandatory algebra textbook (1950) Ressource en ligne
- J. Auvinet : Around a book dedicated to childhood friends: Initiation Mathématique by C.-A. Laisant Ressource en ligne
- D. De Bock et G. Vanpaemel : The Belgian journal Mathematica & Paedagogia (1953-1974): a forum for the national and international scene in mathematics education Ressource en ligne
- K. Clark et E. Harrington : Deciphering the doodlings of the “Shoebox Collection” of the Paul A.M. Dirac papers Ressource en ligne
- G. Grimberg : Reflections about changing the teaching of geometry in graduation Ressource en ligne
- T. Hamann : New math - a complete failure? Ressource en ligne
- K. Lepka : Mathematics in T.G. Masaryk's journal Atheneum Ressource en ligne
- T. Morel : Teaching mathematics in mining academies: an overview at the end of the 18th century Ressource en ligne
- H. Pinto : Mathematical lessons in a newspaper of Porto in 1853 (primary education) Ressource en ligne
- L. Puig : The beginning of algebra in Spanish in the sixteenth century: Marco Aurel's Arithmetica Algebratica Ressource en ligne
- H. Renaud : Quand les “mathématiques modernes” questionnent les méthodes pédagogiques dans l'enseignement scondaire (1904-1910) Ressource en ligne
- K. Toshimitsu : Specialization and generalization of the mathematical concept by Mr. Inatsugi Seiichi in Japan Ressource en ligne

Theme 7: History of mathematics in the Nordic countries
- B. Toft : Julius Petersen and James Joseph Sylvester - the emergence of graph theory Ressource en ligne
- F. Plantade : Jules Houël (1823-86): A French mathematician well connected to the Nordic mathematicians in the second part of the XIXth century Ressource en ligne
- K. Bråting : E.G. Björling's work with convergence of infinite function series in view of prose and calculus Ressource en ligne

Posters Sessions Ressource en ligne

Notes :
Une version electronique existe sous l'ISBN : 87-7684-736-5 (EAN : 9788776847364).

Une version texte intégral est en téléchargement sur le site " Bibliothèque numérique des IREM et de l'APMEP"

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