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Auteur(s) : Barbin Evelyne. Dir.

autre nom d'auteur : Barbin Le Rest Evelyne

Titre : The HPM Satellite Meeting of ICME-12. Proceeding book 1.

Editeur : Drukkerij Baas, Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel Daejon, 2012,
Format : A4, ?? p. Bibliogr. pag. mult.

Conférence Internationale sur l'Histoire de l'Enseignement des Mathématiques Utrecht Pays-bas 2017

Type : actes de colloques, de congrès, de séminaire Langue : Anglais Support : papier

Public visé : chercheur, enseignant, formateur

Classification : A69Actes de colloque, de congrès, de séminaire
Formation à l'enseignement, initiale et continue.
 D19Ouvrages généraux sur l'histoire et épistémologie des mathématiques, des disciplines connexes et de leur enseignement. Ouvrages généraux sur la philosophie des mathématiques.
Formation à l'enseignement, initiale et continue.
 E29Métamathématique. Aspects philosophiques et éthiques des mathématiques. Épistémologie des mathématiques
Formation à l'enseignement, initiale et continue.

Résumé : Abstract

Cet ouvrage constitue les actes du Colloque International sur « Histoire et Enseignement des Mathématiques (HPM , rencontre satellite meeting de ICME 12) qui s'est tenu à Daejon, Corée , en juillet 2012.
Voici son sommaire :
- Tinne Hoff Kjeldsen : Uses of History for the Learning of and about Mathematics : Towards a Theorical Framework for Integrating History of Mathematics in Mathematics Education
- Mi Kyung Ju, Jong Eun Moon, Ryoon Jin Song : Ethnomathematics and its Educational Meaning : A Comparative Analysis of Academic Discourse and Educational Practice of Mathematics History in Korea. p.23
- Immaculate K. Namukasa : History of Mathematics Implemented in Mathematics Education Programs : The Develpment, Implementation and Evolution of a University Course, p. 33
- Toshimitsu Miyamoto : Theorical Framework Concerning Drawing methods in Mathematics Education. p.51
- Kyeongghye Han : The Historico-Genetic Principle and the Hermeneutical Method as the Therotical Background of Using History of Mathematics in Lesson p.59
- Guillemette David : Bridging Theorical ans Empirical Accountof the Use of History in Mathematics Education ? A Case Study p.73
- Guitart René : Misuses of Statistics in a Historical Perspective : Reflexions for a Course on Probaility and Statistics. p.85.
- Bagget, Patricia, Ehrenfeucht Andrzej : The "Ladder and Box Proble: From Curves to Calculators p.93
- Pengelley, David : Teaching Number Theory from Sophie Germain's Manuscripts : A Guided Discovery Pedagogy. p.103

- Tsang-Yi Lin : Using History of Mathematics in High School Classroom : Some Experiments in Taiwan p.115
- Jankvist, Uffe Thomas : A Historical Teaching Module on « The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics » - the Case of Boolean Algebra and Shannon Circuits . p.131
- Lodder, Jerry : Historical Projects in Discrete Mathematics. p.145
- Jin Ho Kim, In Kyung Kim : Future Research Topics in the Field of Mathematical Problem Solving. p.159
- Kyunghee Shin : Harriot's Algebraic Symbols and the Roots of Equations. p.181
- Shu Chun Guo - A Discussion on the Meaning of the Discovery of Mathematics in the Worriers and the Han Dinasty. p.191
- Alpaslan, Mustapha : Relationship between Pre-service Mathematics Teachers'Knowledge of History of Mathematics and their Attitudes and Beliefs towards the Use of History of Mathematics in mathematics Education.
- Clark, Kathleen M. :The Influence of Solving Historical Problems on Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching. p.211.
- Horano, Yoichi : An Essay on an Experiment in Mathematics Classroom – the Golden Ratio Related in the Form of the Nautilus Shell. p. 219
- Siu, Man-Keung, Yip-Cheung, Chan : On Alexander Wylie's Jottings on the Science of the Chinese Arithmetic. P.229
- Jeyanthi Subramanian : Indian Pedagogy and Problem Solving in Ancient Thamizhakam. p.237
- Guo-qiang Li, Li-hua Xu: Analyse of Mathematics Teaching in the View of the History of Mathematics.
- Toshimitsu Miyamoto : Mathematics Education and Teaching Practice to Bring up History of Mathematics Cultures richly. p.259
- Nobuki Watanabe : Sundial and mathematics : Analysis of Oldest Sundials in Japan by Mathematics. p. 269

- Heine Barnett, Janet, Lodder Jerry, Pengelley, David : Projects for Students of Discrete Mathematics via Primay Historical Sources : Euclid on His Algorithm. p.279
- Chorlay, Renaud: The Journey of a Proof : If f' is Positive, then f is an increasing Function. p. 295
- Metin, Frederic : Using History of Mathematics in EFL Teaching p. 313
- Ransom, Peter : Fortifying France : Les Villles de vauban. p. 323

- Barnett, Janet : Bottled at the Source : The Design and Implementation of Classroom Projects for Learning Mathematics via Primary Historical Sources. p. 325
- Smestad, Bjorn : Teaching History of Mathematics to Teacher Students : Examples from a Short Intervention . p. 349
- Siu, Man-Keung &Chan, Yip-Cheung : Chinese Arithmetics in the Eyes of a British Missionary and Calculus in the Eyes of a Chinese Mathematician : Collaboration between Alexander Wylie ( 1815-1887) and Li Shan-Lan (1811-1882. p. 363)
- Michel-Pajus, Anne : Historical Algorithms in the Classsroom and in Teacher Training. p. 371

- Tournès Dominique : Mathematics of the 19th century Engineers : Methods and Instruments. p. 381
- Abdounur, Oscar Joao : The Division of the tone and the Introduction of Geometry in Theoretical Music in the Renaissance : a Historic-Didactical Approach. p. 395
- Sunam Cho : The Formation of Mathematics Curriculum Characteristics by Augustus de Morgan in University College, London : On the Boundary between Mathematics and Natural Philosophy. p. 403
- Heine, George : The Flattening of the Earth : Its Effect on Eighteen Century mathematics. p. 413
- Woosik Hyun : Mathematical Foundations of Cognitive Science. p. 423
- Taewan Ki, H. K. Pak : Analysis on Lines and Circles in Secondary School Mathematics Textbooks according to the Types of Concept. p. 433
- Ho-Joong Lee : On the Eigenvalues of Three Body Problem in the Early 20th Century. p.443
- Venegas, Leonardo : The Topological Intuition of Leonardo da Vinci. p. 453
- Bonilla, Maria del Carmen : Visualization of the mechanical demonstration to Find the Volume of the Sphere Using Dynamic Geometry. p. 463
- Shuping Pu, Xiao-qin Wang : How to Integrate History of Mathematics into Mathematics Textbooks : Case Study of Junior High School Textbooks in China and France. p. 475.

- MIchel-Pajus, Anne : A Voyage into the Literary-Mathematical Universe. p. 485
- Chun-yue Stanley ,Lee Mei-Yue, Christine Tang : A comparative Study on Finding Volume of Spheres by LIU Hui and Archimedes : An Educational Perspective to Secondary School Students. p. 499
- Chang K. Pak & Sun Bok Bae : Cultural prime Number : 2, 3 and 5. p. 507

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